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ames hotel

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Project Statement:

The Ames Shovel Company achieved great wealth during the nineteenth century from a seemingly endless source of customers including the Union army, farmers and miners. The company’s success is embodied in its  Richardsonian style headquarters – Boston’s first skyscraper- constructed in 1893. The landmark building had  lay fallow for many years until it was re-envisioned as a 120 room boutique hotel.

The interior design unifies minimalism and old world sophistication with unexpected details, like the massive mirrored glass sculpture adorning the lobby. Designed by the Danish artists Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen the team was tasked with designing custom mounts that would adjust in three axis so that the sculpture could be shipped from abroad and installed days before opening without impacting the venetian plaster walls.


My Contribution:

Design and detailing of custom mounts

Detailing of Concierge desk

Elevator cab design

Stair design and detailing

Glass shower design and detailing

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