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fish and richardson

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Project Statement:

Fish and Richardson is a leading intellectual property law firm with a storied roster of entrepreneurs and technology clients. A primary goal of the client was fostering interaction and exchange of knowledge between senior and junior staff while celebrating the firm’s history and pioneering spirit.  A two-story lobby features a glass and steel stair whose center stringer and tread supports evoke a fish’s backbone and, playfully, the firm’s namesake The stair springs from a sculpted Corian® base – a reference to the nearby water - and joins to a bridge with glass floor that connects two halves of the 18th floor. Glass fronted conference rooms on this level look out to the stair and beyond to a remarkable view of Boston harbor


My Contribution:

2-story lobby detailing and material research

Stair and bridge, design and detailing

Millwork design and detailing

Reception desk detailing

Signage design


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