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John Feidelson

lafayette city center

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Project Statement:

The design team was tasked  with repositioning an oddly configured lobby/entry to attract “young, hip tenants” for five vacant floors in Boston’s thriving theatre district. The concept was to pull visitors up and in to the deep space in order to reach the reception area and elevator bank over 100 feet beyond. Circulation moves up a glass stair, and along an angled marble wall Directionality is  further reinforced by the ceiling plane whose rows of custom designed lighting fins running parallel to the full-height wall. Materials have been carefully chosen to convey sophistication over cost. Lighting creates a play of reflection on glass wall panels, and polished terrazzo flooring while the sparkle of the lighting fins are a nod to the light marquees in the surrounding  theatre district.


My Contribution:

Glass stair and overlook design and detailing

Lighting fixture concept, design, and detailing

Millwork design and detailing

Reception desk concept







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