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perkin elmer

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Project Statement:

Perkin Elmer, a leading provider of analytic tools and scientific instruments for the health sciences marke, is located  on two floors in Waltham, MA. “Precision,” the hallmark of the company, serves as springboard for project planning and detailing. The plan consists of a series of orthogonal interlocking “fingers” composed of free standing pavilions with full height glass fronts and open workstation spaces. The open spaces allow vistas north and south in the unusually deep space. A diagonal circulation path, dubbed “Broadway,” cuts through the space with a series of nodes housing breakout areas, interconnecting stair and café –all of which provide a counterpoint to the strong office and workstation rhythm. The precise nature of the company’s products is further reinforced by millwork with interlocking box joints, lobby lighting fixtures made up of hundreds of die cut pieces and ceilings/soffits that weave through the space as interlocking planes.


My Contribution:

Planning Concept

Two Stair Designs and detailing

Lighting Design

Millwork design and detailing

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