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cp baker

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Project Statement:

CP Baker, a successful, venture capital firm occupies 24,000 SF and 120 seats in offices on the 7th floor of 99 High Street. The firm has a revolving roster of start-up companies which share space with CP Baker. Once a company has reached maturity, it is spun off and replaced by a “newborn.” The business structure is reflected in a plan organized as discreet spaces that share centralized financial and administrative resources. The founder of the company is fascinated by marine life and asked that we feature two aquariums – filled with jelly fish – prominently in the space. The team responded by using curved and ovaloid shapes reflecting the ebb and flow of aquatic life. The marine palette is carried through in sea glass colored office fronts, mosaics, and entry lighting.  Beige colored textiles, carpets and paint finishes draw on the beach to further reinforce the sea theme. 


My Contribution:

Aquarium design and detailing

Lobby lighting concept and detailing

board room table design and detailing


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