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ibm  e-business 

Project Statement:

IBM's e-Business Innovation Center is one of 18 collaborative facilities, worldwide, launched to exploit the company’s unparalleled expertise in computer hardware, software development and web site design for the Internet. The 18,000 SF facility, overlooking the Charles River in Cambridge, functions as a sales tool for prospective clients and as a high energy work environment for creative and technical staff.


The design team turned to a chemical model as an organizing principle to reflect the organic nature of the work environment. This planning model conceives workstation units as individual atoms combining to form organic molecules (workstation groupings) and further combining to form compounds - groupings clustered around a central team space. An expressive, fan-shaped canopy suspended just below exposed steel decking further unifies the typology.  This sheltering ceiling element is comprised of trapezoidal molecules "cross-linked" to form sweeping curves reflecting the outlines of the workstations below


My Contribution:

Lead designer 

Canopy concept, design and detailing

Lighting design

Multimedia conference room design

Millwork design and detailing

Reception desk design

more details...

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